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  LoRa RF Gateway
  LoRa I/O & LoRa Sensor
  Chiller / Air Compressor Monitoring
  Power Quality Meter
  IP Power Meter
  AC 3 Phase Meter
  Multi Channel KWH Meter
  AC 1 Phase Meter
  CT Split Core & High Precision
  CT Clamp on
  CT Flexible Rogowski Coil
  Product Monitor System
  Jumbo 7 segment Display
  7 Segment Remote Display
  Line Notify Product
  MP3 Audio/ Message Display
  Ethernet Digital I/O
  Ethernet Analog I/O
  Process/ Temp / Humidity
  DC KW/Volt/Amp/AmpHour
  Current/Voltage Calibrator
  Flow Rate and Totalizer
  Counter, Rate
  Remote 2 Wire Analog IO
  Remote 2 Wire Digital IO
  Weight Controller
  Data Logger
  Digital Timers
  WeCon Touch Screen HMI
  Touch Screen Infrared
  FacLink Scada
  PLC Mitsubishi
  PLC Download Cable
  Protocol Converter
  Modbus TCP Scanner
  Modbus RTU Scanner
  SMS Gateway - SMS IO
  SMS Temp&Humidity
  IP Mimic & Annunciator
  IP 7 Segment Remote Display
  Pick to Light, Poka-Yoke, Andon
  Protection Relay
  Multi/ Silo Temperature Meter
  HUB485/ RS485 Converter
  Wireless Equipment
  Surge Protection
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    HMI_C series
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    IIoT Cloud HMI 7inch & 10inch
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  • VDO [LEOS] Tutorial1 Setting and Create Project
  • VDO [LEOS] Tutorial2 Alarm Message and Haiwell Cloud App
  • VDO [LEOS] Tutorial3 Client Mode
  • VDO [LEOS] Tutorial4 Marquee and Real Time Trend
  • VDO [LEOS] Tutorial5 Data Logger
  • VDO [LEOS] Tutorial6 Routing set : AP and 4G mode || Haiwell IIoT Cloud HMI C7/Cbox with IPM

  • VDO [LEOS] Tutorial7 Cloud Manager and Update Firmware || Haiwell IIoT Cloud HMI C7/CBox with IPM

  • VDO Tutorial7.5 Download Data Logger by Cloud Manager || Haiwell IIoT Cloud HMI C7/CBox with EIO

  • VDO [LEOS] Tutorial8 Cloud Data Center (1Station1ControlRoom) || Haiwell IIoT Cloud HMI C7/CBox with EIO

  • VDO [LEOS] Tutorial9 Cloud Data Center (2Station1ControlRoom) || Haiwell IIoT Cloud HMI C7/CBox with EIO

  • Download Software HaiWell Cloud Scada_V3.24.0.22_2021-03-26
  • Download Sample program HaiWell Cloud Scada_2021-04-01
  • Download HMI Firmware Update V3.23.0.8 for C7x / C10x_2021-01-22
  • Download HMI Firmware Update V2.21.2.1 for C7x / C10x_2020-12-09
  • Download Haiwell IoT Cloud HMI Video Tutorial_2020-01-09 (532MB)
  • Download Haiwell IoT Terminal MQTT protocol application Video Tutorial_2020-01-09 (171MB)
  • Download Haiwell MQTT Configuration Guide
  • Download User's Manual of Haiwell Cloud APP
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